For your convenience, it is suggested to save the information you provide on your device. However, it is not recommended to do so on public or non-trusted devices.

1、 Personal Information个人信息

2、 Exit/Entry Information出/入境信息

3、 Fill In The Captcha请填写校验码

In order to speed up customs clearance, you can confirm the informed consent for sampling at the same time.

Informed consent for sampling 采样知情同意书 Dear Passengers,
In order to protect the health of you and others, quarantine officials need to take samples for the related laboratory tests. If you understand the above contents and would like to cooperate with quarantine officials in taking samples, please select "Agree" option. Sampling and laboratory testing does not charge any fees. Thank you for your cooperation!
     为了保护您及他人的身体健康,检疫人员需要从您身上采集样本进行实验室检测,以排查传染病。 如果您阅读、理解了以上内容,并愿意配合采样工作,请在下方选择“同意”选项。采样及实验室检测不收取任何费用。 谢谢您的合作!

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